1. Open Windows Powershell or Command line as Administrator

Start -> Powershell -> Runs as Administrator

2. Open Diskpart


3. Identify the EFI partition showing up in Explorer

list volume

4. Select the EFI partition (Replace ‚X‘ with the correct drive letter):

select volume X

5. Remove the EFI partition’s drive letter (Replace ‚X‘ with the correct drive letter):

remove letter=X       

6. Exit Diskpart


7. Open RegEdit

Start -> Type „regedit“

8. Find the right key/folder


9. If the EFI partitions drive letter is still in registry, delete the value.

For example: \DosDevices\X:

10. Close RegEdit and reboot.

source: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/window-10-efi-system-partition-and-recovery/e7389cec-f0a3-4f85-bc7e-8b22be22680b